When I was still a kid, I always love watching The Lizzie Mcguire movie. “This is what dreams are made of” segment there always make me dream about what I can be when I grow up. I look forward to the potential happenings of my life one day and finally, the best day came. (well, best day so far.)

I became a social media producer in the cheer dance competition this year for UAAP. It’s a milestone for me since kids my age don’t usually get a chance of a lifetime. I know that this is a once in a life time opportunity and things like this don’t always come knocking into your life. I am very happy and feeling fulfilled. So, let me tell you a story. (at least the parts that I could still recall)

From UST, the team went to Legarda station to ride the LRT to Araneta. The tricycle ride was not fun at all! The manong driver had to drop us somewhere near the station because it was so traffic! Maybe because the LRT station is in the University Belt or it’s just rush time in the area. We walked from where the driver dropped us and I think it was a ten minute walk and the sun is up the sky like we are walking lechons. When we reached the Legarda station, there were a few people (thank goodness!) and the ride to Araneta was smooth. When we entered the coliseum, I had chills. It’s my first time going to an outside event. I usually staff for university-wide events and I get nervous at most times but the UAAP cheer dance competition is beyond nerve wracking since this is like one of the major events in UAAP. People always look forward to this competition.

Until now, I still can’t believe I am a part of the people wearing black during the event and I am really a proud kitten. I can’t be in this position if it wasn’t because of my organization, the Tomasian Cable Television. TOMCAT gave me adventures and experience that will surely make me different from other students. It’s not the position I’m assigned to but the memories that I get after finishing an event successfully!

CxmceeNUkAQOV93.jpgI stayed inside this room. Never thought I’ll get a chance to be inside this! Ever!!!


I am this close to the mats. I am so happy!!!

Very special treat. Here are some of snippets of what I captured from the different teams during the competition! Please don’t mind the resolution, not a pro photographer here and I’m only using phone. (hehe still no budget for a camera!)


DLSU Animo Squad performed well; emphasizing camaraderie between universities. I loved the concept of their routine and I’m rooting for this squad! 🙂 They did really well.


Yay! My squad! (chos) The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe that I always love. My heart belongs to even if you didn’t get a podium this year, you will always be the bestEST! Proud Thomasian! (sobrang biased but, I am really proud of my school)


Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion was cute as ever! I love their attires as well as their routine.


FEU Cheering Squad was sooooo adorable! Their performance was really unique and jazzy in a way. Kudos to them for winning 1st runner up! They deserve it!


Adamson Pep Squad was surprisingly amazing! They claimed 2nd runner up and they truly deserve the rank! I love their performance. I am sure that my dad is so proud of his Alma mater.


First and foremost, before the performance of UE, happened a surprise proposal. I was shocked because I didn’t see it coming but I find it really sweet. It takes a lot of courage to do those kinds of surprises in front of a crowd. What a lucky girl!

Anyways, I thought everyone in UE Pep Squad are girls. But turns out, they all just have long hair. Hehe. I love their performance and even if one of the members injured himself after tumbling, he still continued performing and I think that’s dedication. Congrats to them!

Lastly, a dynasty…


Again, for the fourth time, the winning segment of National University continues. When will the spell break? Congratulations to this year’s UAAP Cheer Dance Competition Champion! I think that NU really deserved it because of their jaw-dropping performance. Their routine was smooth and their costumes are so futuristic.

From all this winnings and happenings, I think what they need to do is:

  1.  thank God because nothing seriously bad happened.
  2. thank their coaches, because from my view, they were really eager and praying that the routine won’t mess up and I saw how happy they were after the performance of their team.
  3. and three. Thank themselves. For being so dedicated and I wish they continue have motivation and to inspire our generation that hard work really pays off.

All in all, I think all teams deserve an ovation. Being in a pep squad before, I know how hard every practice is. How you need to exercise and motivate yourself in every fall. It’s hard to be a cheer dancer, much more if you’re a UAAP cheer dance contender. I am really proud of every university involved. And I am happy that I get to see them live.


Okay, BACK STORY: I used to be in a Pep Squad during high school and when I was younger, I USED to reach my head with my foot perfectly and when I tried it again, I FAILED COMPLETELY!!! Huhu please bring back the old days.

img_5566                                             So, that’s me and how close I am to the mats.

I am really happy about everything that had happened!


This event is really a dream come true! Like what the hashtag of UAAP, #DareToDream! If you believe in something, it will come true as long as you put your best in everything. Give your 100% and the rest will follow. This is certainly an event to remember and cherish forever!

Oh, and btw, #NAMASTEUSTE! Proud of the Salinggawi Dance Troupe. Always a proud Growling Tiger!  

“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.” – Rapunzel