Review: Colourpop’s Out and About Set

Hi! How are you? I hope you had a very good weekend because I did! Why?

15966735_1536040513090915_1348220597_oThese babies came!

Finally, the long wait is over! This is just a mini haul because I only bought a bundle of three. In this blog post, I will also show the swatches. Like what I have mentioned in my last blog, I am not a fan of matte lipsticks because it kind of dries out my lips. However, I’m trying to collect them as well because I think matte is really classy but you just have to keep your lips moisturized from time to time.

I got the set called ‘Out and About’ for only $12 which is originally $15 from the main site of Colourpop. (Click Here!) I bought it on a Black Friday sale that’s why I think the price is really a good steal! We don’t have colourpop stores in the Philippines yet that is why I got so giddy when I heard about the sale. Plus… FREE SHIPPING!


The set contains three lippies of the same scheme: 2 Ultra Mattes (Times Square and Viper) and 1 in Ultra Satin formula (Baracuda).


At first, I thought the main packaging is a closed box with individual boxes inside but turns out, it is like an open ended box so the other boxes have the capacity to fall if you don’t handle the package carefully. 15942641_1536040523090914_1867171226_o.jpg

This is my first time to use a liquid-base lipstick and what I noticed is that it dries really fast and it is so pigmented that is why you won’t have to worry about reapplying over and over to get your desired shade. It doesn’t smudge as well once dried. Taking it off gave me a hard time because the formulation is so thick that it needs a separate make up remove wipe! But still, I like it a lot! 15966373_1536040553090911_1327190396_o.jpg

Individual Review Time!


My top pick among the three is the shade Time Square because its shade is in the tone of nude and it is very wearable for everyday shenanigans. It doesn’t smudge that’s why I think the formulation is really good and it is so pigmented. You only need to dip the applicator once to get the shade you desire. This is definitely a go-to color. However, in the packaging, the color inside the tube looks a little lighter but once you apply it, the color becomes darker as it dries.15966864_1536040563090910_363587857_o.jpg

Next in line is another Ultra Matte in shade Viper. (Wow, I love how that sounds) It is close to a burgundy shade. I think it is wearable at night and it is definitely a fall season vibe. I wore this once and ate beef noodles, CATASTROPHE!!! Never eat oily soup-based food with Colourpop!

Last of today’s blog is an Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Baracuda. I am not a fan of this one because it easily smudges but on a higher note, it is really pigmented. SO PIGMENTED THAT YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WHEN APPLYING.


All in all, I think that these lipsticks are worth the try. I recommend that you should buy in bulk, like ask your friends to buy with you online because for free shipping, colourpop requires that you buy cosmetics worth $50. I will totally collect more and I am officially addicted to Colourpop!





Most Used Lipsticks of 2016

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” – Gwyneth Paltrow


I’ve always loved wearing different colors of lipstick based on every events of my life. When I feel blue, I wear a very light shade because I don’t feel my day but when I get very positive, I put on a brighter color like a happy tone of red. Just a disclaimer, I just started my collection last year because I always borrow from my mom but I realized that I’m a grown up and I need to have a collection of my own. (ADULTING! much wow)

Above all cosmetics, lip products are my absolute fave. I feel incomplete without it because we should always be ready for combat. We will never know when something hits our lips and if we are wearing lipstick when that moment comes, surely, we will leave a mark. *wink wink* Although on my part, I think it’s hard to have a collection while studying in college because of the limited allowance I have and expenses are crazy; which is why I began my collection with drugstore make-up.

These are my most used ones for 2016:


6 shades of different shenanigans.


As you can see, the packaging of all my Maxfactor lipsticks are tarnishing because I always bring them with me since they are my favorite picks. My mom is a fan of Maxfactor and when I was still a kid, she is my personal make-up artist that always uses MF.


I use the Bewitching Coral (₱ 595, Beauty Bar) and Maroon Dust (₱ 595, Beauty Bar) for everyday look because their color is really light and casual. When you want to perk your face up on a gloomy day, I totally recommend Bewitching Coral while the Maroon Dust’s shade is like nude that is why you can totally wear it when you want to be simple and laid-back.

The Pomegranate shade (₱ 595, Beauty Bar) is good when you are trying to dress up for a date and it’s really good in photos. I also use this for my everyday school look just because… I can.



When it comes to classics, of course, red is a rocker. I use the Revlon Volcanic Red for special occasions especially black and white themed parties. You’ll never go wrong with red lips, I promise.


I also tried buying Maybelline products however, the Color Show Collection didn’t satisfy me. I’m using the shade Pink Punch. It is wearable and very casual but it easily fades out that’s why you must carry the lipstick with you for reapplication. Although, I cannot complain since I bought it for only 149 pesos. (SM Department Store)


The last of the list is a diversion that I bought before 2016 ended and one of my personal faves that changed my perception about Maybelline.



Burgundy Blush. You will look like a vampire (kidding) and I think the shade is for cold season feels. If I’m not mistaken, this shade is from their brown matte lipstick collection. IT IS SO PIGMENTED and only ₱ 299 but I bought mine on sale for ₱ 200. I am not a matte fan since it kinda dries out your lips and we don’t want a chapped lips don’t we? My tip when using matte lipsticks is before applying, put on lip balm and after taking it off, apply lip balm again.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, moisturize thy lips and moisturize over and over!

I’m claiming and I know that my collection will grow in the next years to come especially when I land a good-paying job. Hoping for the best!

Let’s welcome 2017 with colors.